Projects that make use of OSPRay

This page gives a brief (and incomplete) list of other projects that make use of OSPRay, as well as a set of related links to other projects and related information.

If you have a project that makes use of OSPRay and would like this to be listed here, please let us know.

VTK, ParaView and VisIt

VTK and Paraview 5.x+ have direct integrations for OSPRay rendering, as has VisIt 3.x+. Code and documentation are available on Kitware’s instance of GitLab. Furthermore, interested users can also access Kitware’s tutorial on using OSPRay. For information on using the path tracer inside ParaView, see this Kitware blog post.


HdOSPRay is a rendering plugin for the Hydra rendering layer in USD. For more information see the project’s page on GitHub.

OSPRay Studio

Studio is the OSPRay team’s lightweight visualization application used to showcase the latest features of OSPRay.

“osprey” Rhino Viewport Plugin

osprey is a rendering plugin written by Darby Johnston for Rhino3D that greatly accelerates rendering over the built-in renderer.


BLOSPRAY is a rendering plugin for Blender that uses OSPRay for fast previews and final path traced rendering.


Tapestry is a microservice for delivering scientific visualization on the cloud. With OSPRay, Tapestry can provide interactive visualization of large datasets accessible to many users throughout the web ecosystem. See the demo page and the project’s page on GitHub for more information.


Megamol is a molecular dynamics framework. With OSPRay, it can render billions of particles interactively.



VESTEC – Visual Exploration and Sampling Toolkit for Extreme Computing – is an European funded project that builds a flexible toolchain to combine multiple data sources, efficiently extract essential features, enable flexible scheduling and interactive supercomputing, and realize 3D visualization environments (partly using OSPRay) for interactive explorations by stakeholders and decision makers.


VMD is a popular molecular dynamics visualization package, where OSPRay is integrated as one its renderers. For more information see VMD’s release notes.


pCon.planner is an architectural design and rendering application that utilizes OSPRay for path traced photorealistic renderings.

Projects that are closely related to OSPRay