Projects that make use of OSPRay

This page gives a brief (and incomplete) list of other projects that make use of OSPRay, as well as a set of related links to other projects and related information.

If you have a project that makes use of OSPRay and would like this to be listed here, please let us know.


Prof Andreas Hildebrandt, head of the Software Engineering and Bioinformatics group at the University of Mainz is currently creating an OSPRay rendering module for their BALLView package, a standalone molecular modeling and visualization application for the “BALL” Biochemical Algorithm Library.


GLuRay OpenGL to Ray Tracing Mapper

pvOSPRay: A OSPRay Plugin to ParaView/VTKx

The Remote Visualization Group at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) is building and maintaining OSPRay plugins for ParaView, VisIt, and VTK. The screenshot supplied here shows a working version of ParaView, rendering a non-trivial model through OSPRay. All three OSPRay plugins are hosted on TACC’s github pages: pvOSPRay for the ParaView module, visitOSPRay for the VisIt module, and vtkOSPRay for the base VTK module.


SURVICE Engineering’s “StingRay” toolkit makes use of Embree for simulating radio frequency, and uses OSPRay for visualizing the results.

Projects that are closely related to OSPRay