Fast, easy, & extensible rendering

Intel® OSPRay Studio is an open source and interactive visualization and ray tracing application that leverages Intel® OSPRay as its core rendering engine. It can be used to load complex scenes requiring high fidelity rendering or very large scenes requiring supercomputing resources.

OSPRay Studio is released as open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

- Peonies 2 Bouquet model courtesy of L'├ętranger (
- Austrian Crown model courtesy of Martin Lubich (

Current Release: v0.12

This release includes a major refactor of functional units for better code reuse. Feature additions include loading of VDB volume files from glTF via custom reference link extention node, enhancement of the wavelet slice generator to allow much larger dataset generation, and several convenience improvements and bug fixes. See our release page for details.

OSPRay Studio drives demo at Volkswagen Group's KTVT conference

OSPRay Studio, in partnership with Bentley Motors, was used to drive a demo walkthrough of the virtual CW1 showroom - Bentley's flagship showroom in Crewe, England - to demonstrate the future of automotive marketing.

Explore the virtual CW1 showroom here. Works on desktop and mobile web browsers.

Extensible via plugins

OSPRay Studio can be extended using our plugin architecture. Need a new importer? That's a plugin. Need a new functionality? That's a plugin. Need a generator to build terrain from a heightmap? That's already a plugin!

Which plugins you use can be customized every time you launch OSPRay Studio. We will continue developing plugins as well to expand functionality for new workflows.

Intel® OSPRay Studio is used in collaboration with